About J & J Companies 

J & J Companies is a real estate investment & Development firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. Through meticulously targeted selection, strategic management and leasing, and carefully-planned development and construction, we strive to turn underachieving properties into high-yielding investments. We seek to purchase, repair, and efficiently manage our properties in order to provide comfortable and affordable living for our tenants while simultaneously improving look and feel of our neighborhoods. 

J & J Acquisitions 

Our company is made up of 3 divisions, the 1st being J&J Acquisitions. JJA's focus is primarily on distressed multifamily buildings where we see an opportunity to add value to the property through renovations and smart improvements. Our goal has always been to purchase property in our communities for a fair price while creating a win-win for both the home seller and our firm. 

J & J Development

The 2nd division of our company is J&J Development. Through JJD we take underutilized assets and bring them back to life. We make strategic improvements that will benefits our tenant base for years in the future. Establishing our niche in residential multifamily has allowed us to become master at our craft. Despite a global pandemic we found a way to finish projects on time and budget. 

J & J Management 

As our rental portfolio grows we continue do our property management "in House" through the final wing of our company JJM. We believe that how your property is managed and how you care for your tenant base is too important to leave to an outside firm. "It doesn't matter how much water you put into your bucket, it there are holes in that bucket you have a problem." 

Flips & Condo Conversions 

While our focus has always been on building our cash flow portfolio, we do find on occasion it makes senses to flip or condo convert one of our buildings under contract. We have done several projects within the city as well as North and South of Boston. 

Recent Projects Include: 

41 Angell St, Dorchester - 2 Family Flip

200 West 8th St, S. Boston - 3 Unit Conversion

18 Stevens St, Quincy - 2 Family Flip

80 Fuller Rd, Weymouth - Single Family Flip

5 Irving St, Medford - 3 Unit Conversion

New Construction 

The majority of our rental portfolio is existing buildings that we've renovated, rented and held. Though when the opportunity presents itself, we will build from the ground up. The development team has completed and currently managing several new construction projects around the city. Our team is licensed, insured and has a wide network of subcontractors we can call upon. 

Recent Ground Up Projects Include: 

707 Walk Hill St, Mattapan - 4 Res Units 

225 Washington St, Dorchester - 3 Res Units 

20 Glenway St, Dorchester - 3 Res Units 

39 Hancock St, Dorchester - 3 Res Units 

In Our Neighborhoods

Boston Wealth Builders is a group for those interested in long-term wealth building through real estate & financial education. Started in 2012, the group strives to help educate local investors, entrepreneurs and business professionals about different financial opportunities that may not be obvious to them. With just under 3000 members the group has made a big impact in the local community. 

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